• Every year, CENIDE members organize more than 10 workshops, both national and international.
  • CENIDE very successfully offers professional training for scientists and industry. Topics thus far have included “Functional Coating”, “Nanoanalysis”, “Functional Surfaces” and “Processing of Nanoparticles.”
  • Within the CENIDE Science Talk series, several times a year internationally recognized scientists and CENIDE members present and discuss new findings and developments within the world of nanotechnology.
  • Once a year, CENIDE holds a three-day “Winter School” for doctoral students and postdocs from the natural sciences and engineering in which a particular aspect of nanomaterial and energy technology is investigated in depth.
  • The “NanoEnergy Newsletter” is published four times a year as part of the NETZ project and keeps around 1500 subscribers up to date on the latest nanotech developments in energy technology.
  • In alternating years, a competition is held for the best CENIDE nano image and for a nano exhibit. The “CENIDE Best Paper Award” is also granted annually.
  • The “Nanodialog” usually takes place once a year and is intended for a general audience without any indepth knowledge of nanotechnology. Experts provide information on current topics and offer the audience an opportunity to ask questions.