The Center for Nanointegration, although only six years old, has enjoyed extraordinarily successful development since its inception and will continue to evolve and solidify its position as one of the leading centres for nanotechnology in Germany. This will include undertaking research projects that have already been approved for funding, such as the EU BUONAPARTE project, “Better Upscaling and Optimization of Nanoparticle and Nanostructure Production by Means of Electrical Discharges”, which a member of CENIDE will coordinate, as well as securing new large-scale coordinated projects. In order to continue developing its international profile and cooperation, starting in 2012 CENIDE will regularly host a “Nano Summer Program”, an international sevenweek summer school for university students. The Center is also continuing to develop cooperation agreements with the University of Tsubuka in Japan and with the University of Minnesota and the University of Pennsylvania in the US. In the autumn of 2012, the new NETZ building will open its doors, providing offices and laboratories for 120 scientists involved in the study of nanoenergy (nanomaterials in energy-related applications). Nanoenergy is also the theme of the 2012 Winter School and of the Gordon Research Conference 2013, which will be coordinated by CENIDE. Through these initiatives, CENIDE will continue to strengthen its position in the science community and in industry.