IWW Water Centre

Technical progress, new products and more sensitive analytical methods are leading to the detection of an increasing number of substances in waters and to some extent also in drinking water (trace substances, nanomaterials etc.). To evaluate the relevance of these findings for future measures and limits, knowledge is needed of the effects of these substances on biological systems. IWW is approaching this challenge by strengthening its toxicology expertise and established a new business area in this field in 2011. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Elke Dopp, its research and consulting activities will be extended and intensified over the coming years.

2012 will see the launch of two new research projects in which the IWW will be involved. “Safe Ruhr” is a BMBF-funded collaborative research project coordinated by IWW. Its aim is to develop a risk management concept for the river Ruhr as a source of drinking water and as temporary use bathing waters. The EU-funded project “CeraWater” is concerned with developing ceramic honeycomb nanofiltration membranes with an extra anti-fouling membrane grafting for cost-efficient application in water filtration.