Cultural heritage

Dr Liane Schüller’s (German Studies/Literary Studies) and PD Dr Simone Loleit’s (German Studies/Mediaeval Studies) project ‘Grimmwelten’ examines the Brothers Grimms’ ‘Children’s and Household Tales’ from a range of perspectives. Based on an analysis of sources from the Middle Ages and the early modern period which the Brothers Grimm consulted and evaluated while working on their ‘Children’s and Household Tales’, the project involves a series of events during which students engage with medial adaptations of the fairy tales. They study medial transformations of literary texts to understand the difference between written and visual narratives and the significance of various medial codes. There will be a student conference on the ‘Grimmwelten’ project, and a dedicated Moodle course room will be made available permanently to all students of German Studies.

At the Department of German as Second and/or Foreign Language, Dr Anastasia Moraitis examines the concept of cultural heritage, whose study is an integral part of all research into the past. It is imperative to instil children with an awareness of material and immaterial heritage and their inevitable relevance to social policy. Within the scope of the occupational internship for teachers in training, her project has primary school pupils stage theatre plays about eras, events and historical figures (e.g., the Germanic peoples in Xanten, Christopher Columbus). The students and pupils work together on the play and its production. (A publication is in preparation.)