Transfer and sustainability

The Faculty of Educational Sciences is committed to facilitating knowledge transfer and preserving scientific results at various levels. Members of its various institutes have been contributing to the ‘Initiative Universitätsschule’ since 2018, for example. They work on plans to establish an inclusive primary school. In partnership with the City of Essen, the initiative is developing a concept for an innovative and inclusive district primary school that will inform further plans for a teaching facility that is based on future requirements.

Prizes and awards

Dr Cornelia Arend-Steinebach received the UDE’s Diversity Prize in the ‘Teaching’ category for her use of service learning.

Professor Gebken’s project ‘Open Sunday’ received an award for outstanding preventive projects from Stiftung Gesundheitsservice, a foundation of the company health insurance funds.

Professor Kerres’s BMBF-funded project ‘HandLeVR: Action-Oriented Learning in a VR Painting Simulator’ won the DIVR Science Award of the Institut für Virtuelle Realitäten in the ‘Best Tech’ category in 2020.

Professor Leiber’s study into family caregivers as a target group of preventive social policy was chosen as the ‘Best Practice Project’ of 2019 by FGW NRW due to the strong media response it attracted.

Professor Leutner, Professor Elke Sumfleth and Professor Hans E. Fischer jointly received the Society of Empirical Educational Research (GEBF) Prize for promoting interdisciplinarity in education research in 2019.

PD Dr Anna Rosendahl received the science prize of the Sparkasse Essen for outstanding academic achievements in her post-doctoral Habilitation thesis in 2019.

The Gymnasium Essen Nord-Ost high school was awarded the German School Award (second place) in 2020. This was partly due to the establishment of mindfulness training as a subject for year five. The project is based on Professor Stockhausen’s and Professor Bellingrath’s study ‘Achtsame Schule’ (‘mindful school’), which was funded by MERCUR (Mercator Foundation) and advised and supervised by the research groups.

Tim Zosel received the 2020 UDE Teaching Prize upon nomination by the departmental student committee for the educational sciences and psychology.