Supported by seven affiliated institutes and further collaborating organisations, the Faculty works with members of other national and international research institutions as well as players from business and industry to produce research results and effectively translate them into practice. It is not only for this reason that engineering at the University of Duisburg-Essen has an excellent global reputation in many subdisciplines. It occupies leading positions in nano-technology and combustion research and conducts toplevel research in automotive engineering, energy, environmental process engineering and solid-state electronics, optimisation of communications, radio and radar systems, energy grids, and optoelectronics and interactive media systems. In association with the Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems (DST), with which it is affiliated, the Faculty runs one of the largest university institutes for ship technology and ocean engineering in Germany. In Industrial Engineering, highly skilled graduates are trained at the interface of engineering and management with a focus on the automotive industry. Our Department of Civil Engineering occupies leading positions in the CHE ranking. At the University of Duisburg-Essen, cognitive scientists and psychologists are part of the Faculty of Engineering, too. No matter what technical advances are made, it is still people who control devices and programme machines, and human-machine interaction continues to be an important part of research in this field.