Business Administration and Economics

Flexibility, mobility and security shape future developments in every area of social and cultural life and demand new strategies, approaches and methods. In order to bring related research activities together in this area, paluno, the Ruhr Institute for Software Technology, was founded in 2010.
The intention behind paluno is to find answers to increasingly complex challenges in software – innovative applications that use the next internet level and thereby enable new business models and business processes. The thematic focus on Requirements Engineering, Variability Management, Mobility, Software Processes, Software Architectures, Safety and Security, Usability Engineering and Pervasive Computing reflects the increasingly complex demands on today’s and future software systems. paluno’s research teams develop innovative methods and technical solutions and drive knowledge transfer between science and industry. Joint projects, workshops and presentations ensure that their work is relevant to practical application, while two Networks of Excellence (NoE) place paluno in a key position in cutting-edge European research.
In research and industry projects, paluno develops scientifically founded, practicable solutions for the design and construction of complex software systems – for the infrastructures of the future (e. g. cloud computing), but also for the application landscapes of today, which still tend to be based heavily on legacy systems. To do this, paluno takes a holistic approach covering not only pure software engineering issues, but also analysis of existing business models and identification of new value chains. paluno’s advocacy of “No Frills Software Engineering” ensures reliable development of lean software systems.
paluno uses the unity of research and teaching to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The combination of research and economic benefit enables practically relevant, efficient and goal-oriented cooperation with mutual gains. In its latest research projects, paluno is responding to the demands of mobile and networked systems on modern software with new technologies as a basis.