German Textile Research Centre North-West

The Physical Technologies working group focuses on photo-chemical processes for surface modification, fabrication of organic solar cells and optical harvesters based on textile structures, and investigation of fibre properties under extreme strain conditions. For several years now, the Colloid Chemistry and Nanotechnology group has been investigating the modification and finishing of textile materials or surfaces in general using nanotechnology. Current themes from this area include antistatic and simultaneously highly repellent surfaces, antimicrobial and UV-protecting systems, hard flexible coatings with excellent optical properties, and the improvement of polymer compounds using nanoclays and clay minerals.
The present research of the Supramolecular and Polymer Chemistry team deals with rational design of multilayer systems formed by polyelectrolytes and organometallic frameworks. The Biotechnology & Catalysis group is concerned with the immobilisation of various catalysts on textile carrier materials and the use of enzymes in textile processes. Other main focuses of this group are the development of textiles with flame retardant properties, and the manufacture of conductive textiles for use in heating elements and textile photovoltaic cells.