Kopfgrafik Nano

Change of Contemporary Societies

In 2010, the activities of the Main Research Area and the Research Council will become particularly clearly defined, as central projects such as Research Unit applications to the DFG and many individual projects enter the decisive evaluation and approval phase.
At the same time, the "Wandel des Wandels" [Change of Change] series, which began in 2009 with workshops and talks, makes it clear that research in Change of Contemporary Societies is based on conceptual agreement and communication. Here the participants pursue the question of how the common ground between the many projects can best be observed and the special nature of change understood. Internally, this series, whose first highlight will be a several-day conference in 2010, acts as a framework. Externally, it will continue to contribute towards establishing Change of Contemporary Societies as an innovative, interdisciplinary research network with a highly visible profile at the University of Duisburg-Essen.