In Multimedia Engineering, new forms of support for scientists working in bioinformatics (Project ONTOVERSE) and humanities (Project WIKINGER) were developed. In Interactive Teaching /  Learning Systems, a new EU project was launched under the name of “SCY – Science Created by You” (Prof. Heinz Ulrich Hoppe). The project involves developing an open, cooperative learning environment that supports explorative learning and joint knowledge production in a networked learning community.
A joint DFG project entitled “Context Adaptive Interaction in Cooperative Knowledge Processes” is working on developing new techniques for the intelligent adaptation of interactive systems to differing context factors (Prof. Jürgen Ziegler).
In Media Psychology, a new DFG Network called “Assessing and Augmenting Instructional Communication in Computer-Supported Settings” was launched with UDE participation (Prof. Nicole Krämer), and a new EU project on the topic of “Disaster Readiness through Education” was acquired. The Chair of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (Prof. Annette Kluge) is currently setting up a new centre for human factors research and safety culture with partners from industry.
In Information Retrieval, several DFG projects were conducted on topics including “Retrieval for Syntax, Semantics and Layout” (“Layout, content and structure in interactive retrieval”) (Prof. Norbert Fuhr) and “Rule-Based Search inText Data Bases with Nonstandard Spelling” (Prof. Wolfram Luther / Prof. Norbert Fuhr).
An application was successfully made tocontinue the DFG TellHiM&S project, “Interval based methods for adaptive hierarchicalmodels in modelling and simulation systems” (Prof. Wolfram Luther / Dr. Eva Dyllong). The DAAD meanwhile also approved funding ofPh.D. summer academies on the theme of “Multimodal human-machine interaction in different application scenarios” together with the University of Chile and Waseda University in Japan.
A new prognosis system to optimise surgical and rehabilitation procedures of the human musculoskeletal system has been developedtogether with Mechanical Engineering(Prof. Andrés Kecskeméthy, Project Manager),the UDE’s Medical Faculty and the ComputerScience Unit (Prof. Wolfram Luther / Prof. Josef Pauli).
The DFG project on the “Realisation ofAlgorithms for the Protection of Biometric Data” was extended, and the institute also acquireda new BMBF project entitled “Coding andModulation for Powerline Communication” (Prof. A. J. Han Vinck).
In the associated field of Theoretical Computer Science (Prof. Barbara König), a new DFG project entitled “Behavioural Simulation and Equivalences of Systems Modelled by Graph Transformation” was also launched.