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Mercator School of Management

  • The University of Duisburg-Essen was awarded the title of “Best Logistics University” in the “Logistik Masters” competition for the second year running in 2008. The MSM is responsible for the evaluated Master’s degree in Logistics Management in cooperation with the Centre for Logistics & Traffic (ZLV).
  • Prof. Alf Kimms was ranked among the top eight young professors (under 40) in German economics (WirtschaftsWoche No. 37 / 2007)
  • In a business and economics ranking conducted by Handelsblatt magazine, Prof. Jens Südekum was named among the top 100 researchers, not only in the under 40s category but also overall.
  • Prof. Jens Südekum also received the BAK Award 2007 for Advanced Research in Regional Economics.
  • The faculty was named in the group of leading business administration faculties for publications in 2008.