Educational Sciences

Plans for 2009 – 2010 of the Institute of Vocational and Further Education include continuation of the existing line of research, preparation of an empirical research project relating to on-the-job training (DFG consortium), and organisation of two academic congresses to be hosted in Essen.
The Institute of Psychology plans for 2009 to launch a “Social Responsibility and Sustainability” web portal ( for teachers and students as a joint project with Nijmegen’s Radboud University, and to develop a research focus on the subject with UDE’s KWI (Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities).
In addition to current research projects, the Institute of Social Work and Social Policy will be focusing on a new research project, which was approved in autumn 2008 under the EU Seventh Framework Programme and is due to be launched in 2009, entitled “Meeting the challenges of economic uncertainty and sustainability through employment, industrial relations, social and environmental policies in European countries” (GUSTO).
For 2009 – 2010, the Institute of SportsScience and Kinesiology is planning a secondnationwide scholarship programme on child and youth sport (Unikat), plus intervention studies on all-day schooling and “Healthy children in healthy communities”.
At ISSAB, plans for 2009 – 2010 include continuing its evaluation of the “Community-based support services in Cologne” project. The City of Hannover has also commissioned ISSAB to develop and evaluate a concept for monitoring the quality, effects and sustainability of socio-educational provision, while the District of Osnabrück has approached the institute to provide academic consultation on community-based restructuring of its child and youth services in 2009 – 2011.Finally, ISSAB is contributing to the planning group for one of the university’s main research projects, “Urban Systems”, and also plans to enter a research cooperation agreement with the University of Applied Sciences in Bern / Switzerland.