Educational Sciences

The highlights presented by the institute for 2008 relate to the research of Prof. Ute Klammer, who joined the faculty in 2007. These highlights  include:
“Flexibility and security over the life course – key findings of the European Foundation research”, a research project in cooperation with Prof. Ruud Muffels and Prof. Ton Wilthagen (Tilburg University, Netherlands). Conclusion of a research programme focusing on life courses, funded by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Dublin). Ute Klammer contributed to four of six reports by international and interdisciplinary research teams.
“Female breadwinners in flexible jobs” (2008 – 2010). The project is funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation and looks at job-related strategies and the arrangements offamilies in which the wife earns most of the family’s income. The project examines when precarity occurs in a work-life context. It is part of an international collaboration on “Workers under Pressure and Social Care” (2006 – 2009) funded by MIRE (French ANR research programme).
One highlight of international cooperation was the lecture entitled “Flexicurity: How to implement the common principles with regard to young people, older workers and women in the labour market?” at the “Informal Meeting of Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs” in Brdo / Slovenia at the invitation of the Slovenian Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs and the EU Commissioner for Employment.
In 2008, Ute Klammer received appointments by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a member of the “National Council for Sustain­able Development”, by the German Family Minister Ursula von der Leyen as a member of the “Expert Commission on Equality”.