Educational Sciences

The highlights in the work of the “Organizational Psychology / OrgLab” (Prof. Wolfgang Stark) research group in 2008 illustrate the institute’s success not only in matters relating to education science but also in other fields of research.
In 2008, OrgLab successfully established the Center for Social Learning and Social Responsibility at Duisburg-Essen University (UNIAKTIV) (Mercator Foundation 9 / 2006  –  8 / 2009, 670,000 €).
Two projects were approved under the BMBF “Innovation Strategies Beyond Traditional Management” programme:
“Metalog” (7 / 2008 – 6 / 2010) – a blueprint for social innovation as part of the joint research project on “Strategic Alliances for Sustainability”, “Organization and Music – InnovativeCultures for Learning Organizations” – joint project with four partner organisations (8 / 2008 – 7 / 2011). Approval was also received for “Health at Work”, a programme to develop training and projects relating to “Training and Health” and “Management and Health” (2008 – 2010).
In 2008, the group received three national awards:
Social Entrepreneurship Best Practice Award of the Federation of Employers Associations (BDA) and “Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft” (the innovation agency for the German science system), USable Ideas Award of the Körber Foundation, UNIAKTIV was named as one of the “Landmarks in the Land of Ideas 2008” by the GermanFederal President Köhler.
Wolfgang Stark is a visiting professor at the Instituto Superior Psicologia Aplicada in Lisbon, Portugal, and was elected President of the European Community Psychology Association (2007 – 2009).